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All of SiHae!

Fanfics, pictures, videos & more!

All of SiHae / ShiHae !
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all of sihae!

From pictures to videos, every part of the sihae couple is here! Basically, this is a community specially for the SiHae couple! You may post anything from which you would like, from fanfictions to videos.

* If you want to post pictures or videos, you DO NOT need to put the number in. The number in will be for the maintainers and moderators to post for the daily one-sihae-picture-per-day only. I hope you will understand! ^^

As I always do not put the credits, here are where I mostly get the pictures from ;

  • www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com

  • www.sapphirepearls.com

  • www.twelfs.com/blog

  • www.sj-world.net

  • And rarely ,
  • www.photobucket.com

  • Profile Layout